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The First Desert
I am hurt
I am a slow mouse and a snake
follows me in the desert heat
hard-packed sand, like deerhide cement
breaks me, breaks my mouse-teeth as I burrow
(in vain)
for safety
I am slow,
comets are my hair
wild and long under God's ferocious sun
I am tied to the cacti and
like hot metal this SNAKE
devours me
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 3
the 55th day of spring
Give me a river
with all this light
give me a long, cool canoe
in oakshade and with wood like your mother's hand
a flat paddle to chew your cheeks,
the beaver was never more proud
he is a cousin and sings with his flat tail under the water
navy, he remembers
the navy lake and the spring-golden sky
and he swims under the sycamore
the canoe is my cousin, he is slender as the willow
and today he weeps like royalty;
for all his gold
he wants a sky like underneath a bird's eye,
he longs for the faded silver of the creekbed
they are calm, but
my cousins long for the sweet days ahead
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 0
hanger looks like hunger
and as deceptive is the word
then a coat closet appears
and an old man appears
and he makes sounds like a starving owl
his eyes are orange and
his fingers curve like hungry claws
and he smells like a coop
but then he is attached to his pockets
and they are full of dirt
of old food
and then
they are sewn to the hanger
and it's a trap
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 0
How I Feel Today
today i'ma full o' jitters
my mouth clatters
my tongue glitters
my head is a dried pea
my teeth are full o' coffee grounds
no rainwater could soothe me
or tooth me, these old sounds
wire through my new bones
and o'er the earth, ocean foams
o'er a gray field pound red roans
thisiz how my head feels
all cluttered up with old stones.
today i'm a spark-rocket
in the dark depth of a bird's eye socket
and i fought hard for this ore locket
but you know what i've got?
the moon in my pocket
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 5
Today my heart is a skipping stone
waiting in the creekbed
its shadow soothes me.
Just days ago
my heart was an olive pit
caked with meat and nestled close to
an embryotic pimento
pickled in brine
motionless in still salt water.
The creekwater heals me.
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 0
love is like the pulse at a deer's throat
fleet and brown-haired
and sweet like a doe's eye.
a hunt
love is the cuff of a collarfox
soft and brightflaming
and it cuts like a hound's tooth.
love is the throb
of an ancient bone battle-horn
a brass bugle's tusk.
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 0
Speak Easy
today my heart is a-flutter
whirling around inside my ribcage
he speaks in a new way
of color and form and breath
and cannot become quiet
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 0
Young Hare Caught in Briarwood
A small hare
named Du Kwon
hid under the skirt of an old balsam tree
she waited like a stone, then
Du Kwon hopped
past rusted nails hammered through narrow rough boards
where lichen grew
past them she went
A brown hare she was
streaked through the mighty open field
the dark dirt she swept
past it she went.
Du Kwon hopped under
briar thickets and brown bones below a white sky
but a broom's bristle she was
curled in the shadow
Du Kwon waited.
It rained under the briarwood
her paws tore at the heaving earth
and the briars tangled her hare's fur
another young hare is caught in the brair patch
Du Kwon waits
and her eyes are still
her heart is still
past it she went
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 0
Self-Portrait II by suit-of-nine Self-Portrait II :iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 4 3 Sara by suit-of-nine Sara :iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 1 Comic book Hot by suit-of-nine Comic book Hot :iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 1
I am a brunette bom-shell
Cracked from the womb of a chestnut,
My eyes are as orange-grey
as the weak edge of smoke.
I let the golden sequence
direct the arch of my dark eyebrow:
Learn by the pulse
of a water lily collapsing
collapsing into the dark ocean
syllable by syllable
line by line
A bird walking on the
washed-twice gauze
of a war veteran
who licked salt into his wounds
to still the pain.
Because a certain dark-eyed deer
was unable to in her fidelity.
Long-legged old hope
waltzes through the brambles--
I know nothing
of war.
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 4
Brown Man
Imagine a burnt-sienna darkness.
There is a man behind the darkness, he is
buck naked, and tan
as a wild deer, but
wears a smile
close-lipped, sensual smooth and pink
and friendly, like the curve
of a sow's belly.
And his hands, he holds away from his
bare chest
at thirty-degree angles
and flexes them once and twice
and makes strong brown fists.
Then, once and twice he jabs the darkness
and opens his hands
and brings them behind his head,
leans back and scissors
the toned darkness
not only with
perfect brown hands, but with eyes
carved from a blue stone.
This man, tan as a long old hare
brings one foot up and steps into
steps into a burned darkness
and is inside you as ever
a hermit crab coughs inside his white shell.
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 2 5
The Coming of Autumn
Shine deft, Autumn Bright
through golden place
with silver speed,
flew Autumn Bird
by Autumn’s seed,
yield orchards
by the fading meadowlight,
a slender torch
of fragrant summer sight.
Flee supplying botany,
give way to honey-colored leaf,
but fear not bitter cold, nor
brittle branch
that Autumn surely lie beneath.
Example a kind Spider.
A dusty Autumn gift to all
the scurry and the sparking thread
which Spider almost always lends
to the nest of sparrow-call.
Autumn Bright brings orchard fruit
a Harvest Moon, with dusky smile wry
Heirloom worthy of a King
like Autumn whisper, opened eyes shall sing
the beating of a heart not far above the orchard’s sky.
Shine deft, Autumn Bright
through amber thicket
with loyal pace,
and lend to every being
slight and young
to lick the honey from your face
and grow strong,
Autumn fade,
Remember for a moment
the tender time while
You still held the dear Earth to your breast,
Autumn Bright at best.
:iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 1 0
Spoons in Swing by suit-of-nine Spoons in Swing :iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 5 Wine Bottles Still life by suit-of-nine Wine Bottles Still life :iconsuit-of-nine:suit-of-nine 0 3

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Hey you guys! I've decided to make a new account, but I am keeping this one for posterity's sake.  It's got a lot of charming stuff on here and I think it marks my progress well! Also, I have a lot of friends on the "channnel" and I think it would be a huge loss if I deleted all my old art, journals, and friends. :/

Furthermore, I would like to apologize for seeming aloof and detached these past few months.  If any of my watchers still want to follow me, my new account is :iconsaid-the-flounder:, named for that Grimm's fairy tale, the Fisherman and His Wife.  it's a really cool story. :)

I decided to make a new account because my artwork has improved by..very much, my interests are a bit different, I'm just starting college, I am working on new projects, and lastly, my username is stupid.

Hopefully I will see more of you all in the future!

love, C


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